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At the 39th annual DigiWorld Summit, in partnership with Business France and French Tech, IDATE will be hosting the third annual DigiWorld Awards, recognising excellence in digital start-ups created by French entrepreneurs outside of France, in four categories: Africa and the Middle East – the Americas – Asia & Europe, and order usa viagra online one start-up from the Occitanie Region with international business activities in the « Special mention of the jury » category.

Find and recognise start-ups created outside of France

Why recognise and reward companies created outside of France?

“French Tech” encompasses everybody who works with or for French start-ups, both in France and abroad. Entrepreneurs, first and foremost, but also investors, engineers, designers, developers, conglomerates, associations, media companies, public operators, R&D centres… all working to further start-ups’ growth and international reach. French Tech – of which Business France is a founding member – is a joint initiative that was kick-started by the French government but sustained and developed by industry stakeholders.

Since 2015 a good number of French Tech Hubs have been created in more than 15 major cities around the globe, all of which represent key centres for development for French Tech start-ups. The goal is to “stimulate collective action” and to bring the various public actors (Business France, consulates, chambers of commerce, local authorities…) together under a single umbrella with a network of entrepreneurs that have a solid footing in overseas markets (start-ups, conglomerates, investors, engineers, designers and developers), which can serve as mentors for young start-ups wanting to develop their business in that market, and as ambassadors for French Tech with local decision-makers.

The DigiWorld Awards thus provide a unique opportunity to identify the many entrepreneurs who have created a start-up abroad, and to recognise those who have been successful overseas… perhaps before coming to France

The Special Jury Prize will be awarded to a fifth company from among the start-ups with international ambitions that have emerged from the Occitan Region ecosystem.

Apply Now

The deadline of the receipt of applications is

on Friday 29 September 2017 at midnight.

DigiWorld Awards programme and rules

The start-ups eligible to be nominated must satisfy the following criteria:

    - Be a company created outside of France by at least one French national, with no offices or operations in France;
    - Have a digital tech industry business as its main activity: equipment and devices, networks and telecoms, Internet services and applications (BtoC, BtoB…), M2M, IoT…
    - Companies of all sizes are eligible.

The winners will be highlighted in the promotional material for the 2017 DigiWorld Summit being held from 14 to 16 November in Montpellier, France, promoted in the participants community and in the media plan for the Summit and the awards ceremony taking place on 15 November 2017.

A Special Jury Prize will be awarded to a fifth company from among the start-ups with international ambitions that have emerged from the Occitan Region ecosystem.

The trophies will be awarded at a dedicated ceremony on Wednesday 15 November 2017 and the winning start-ups will be chosen by the members of the jury, listed right below :

The jury

Start-ups nominated for the 2017 DigiWorld Awards

DigiWorld Awards Nominees
Scalefast Productive Mobile
Otter Techs Mobeewave

A Special Jury Prize will be awarded to an overseas start-up born of the Région Occitanie development ecosystem.

Special Jury Prize Nominees
IoTerop Predict Services Catspad

The 2016’s Edition Winners

Africa Prize

Created in 2015 by Adrien BOUILLOT, Founder & CEO, Chalkboard Education provides solutions to connect universities and students “Everywhere and Whatever their connection”

Americas Prize

Created in 2010 by Cédric JEANNOT, Founder & CEO, APrivacy provides data security solutions for financial services.

Middle-East Prize

Created in 2015 by Jeremie BRABET-ADONAJLO, Pzartech provides complete solution combining 3D component recognition technology and a 3D impression platform.

Asia-Pacific Prize

Hong Kong
Created in 2013 by Aurelien MENANT, co-Founder & CEO, Gatecoin is a trading platform for crypto-currency and blockchain assets.

Special Jury Prize

Occitanie – France
Created in 2010 by Vincent ENCONTRE, Intuilab develops a platform for creating applications “without programming” dedicated to shop windows, screen walls, or tablets.

The 2015’s Edition Winners

Africa-Middle East Prize

South Africa
Created in 2008 by Sébastien Lacour (COO) and Christophe Viarnaud (Group CEO & Chairman), Powertime allows users to get prepaid electricity online, monitor their meter and pay their bills using their phone, tablet or computer.

Asia-Pacific Prize

Created in 2013 by Sébastien Béal, Locarise analyses shopper behaviour inside and outside stores using a network of sensors that capture Wi-Fi signals by emitted mobile phones.

The Americas Prize

United States
Created in 2012 by Aymeric Vigneras, Sharalike makes creating a video-slideshow as easy as launching an app. It automatically selects the best of your recent photos and creates a montage that can be shared in a single click.

Special Jury Prize

Languedoc-Roussillon – France
Created in 2007 by Sébastien Payen, Fruition Science is a start-up that helps winemakers and oenologists optimise the quality and yield of their grape production and their resources (water, inputs).

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